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Hidden Magnetic Door Latch

Price: $14.90
OD: 22 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Grade: N35
Pack Qty: 1 set
Coating: Nickel


This door latch is hidden in the frame of the door and the door itself providing a very clean appearance. You can paint the magnets if desired to completely conceal them. The magnets never actually contact each other so it is quiet and smooth mechanism. It’s a must have for those that want their home to have that stylish clean line appearance (suitable for indoor use only). And visitors to your home will wonder how your door actually latch.

Suitable for full-sized doors, including wardrobes, cupboards, internal doors and sliding doors. Could also be adapted for use on other furniture and draws or any item where magnets can be mounted with attracting magnetic poles.

The catch is quick and easy to fit with a 22mm diameter drill bit. As the high strength neo magnets don’t touch, therefore the catch will never wear out! The latch is silent, unlike a roller catch or conventional plastic catches which make a noise when opening the door. The catch is concealed when the door is closed, and it can be painted over. There are no unsightly protruding strike-plates as required for roller catches.

Pack includes:
2 x D22x6 mm neodymium magnets with opposite polarity so that they can be mounted with attaching poles facing each other.
2 x 4G screws, 19 mm long
1 x plastic packer (can be used to adjust the gap between the magnets)

Please email us for a quote on bulk purchases.

Technical Specifications

OD: 22 mm
ID: 3.1 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Grade: N35
Magnet Type: Permanent magnet
Pack Qty: 1 set
Material: Neodymium
Coating: Nickel
Max Operating Temperature: 80°C
Tolerance: ± 0.04 mm
Max Magnetic Energy (BH max): 35 Megagauss-oersted (MGOe)

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