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3x3x3 mm N50 Block Magnet (Pack Qty = 50 magnets)

Price: $23.90
Length: 3 mm
Width: 3 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Grade: N50
Pack Qty: 50 magnets
Coating: Nickel
Availability: In stock (24 hour dispatch)


This block magnet is actually a cube with all sides 3 mm long.

Neo magnets are also called Neodymium magnets, Rare Earth magnets, Nd-Fe-B magnets, Neodymium Iron Boron magnets or NIB magnets. They are a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. Neodymium magnets have grades from N35 to N52 and are the strongest and cost effective permenant magnets manufactured.

The energy product is specified in units of Gauss Oersted. One MGOe is 1,000,000 Gauss Oersted. A grade N50 would have a Maximum Energy Product of 50 MGOe. The higher the grade the stronger the magnet.

Before purchasing, please read our page that has the Important Stuff You Should Know About Neo Magnets. This will help you to make an informed decision.

If swallowed, neodymium magnets can be lethal if 2 magnets join up. Strong magnetic fields can disrupt medical devices such as pacemakers. These magnets can severely pinch skin or crush fingers. Avoid use around electrical and magnetic devices such as TVs, computers, tapes, credit cards etc.

Magnetic Magnets is a New Zealand online supplier of the strongest magnets in the world.

Technical Specifications

Length: 3 mm
Width: 3 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Grade: N50
Magnet Type: Permanent magnet
Pack Qty: 50 magnets
Material: Neodymium
Magnetic Direction: Through the thickness
Coating: Nickel
Max Operating Temperature: 80°C
Tolerance: ± 0.04 mm
Max Magnetic Energy (BH max): 50 Megagauss-oersted (MGOe)
Remanence (Br min): 14,000 Gauss or 1.4 Tesla
Max Pull Force: 0.4 kg
Availability: In stock (24 hour dispatch)

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