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Magnet Grade and Strength

Neo Magnet Grades

Neo magnets have grades from N35 to N52. Simplistically, grade is generally used to describe how "strong" a permanent magnet material is. The energy product is specified in units of Gauss Oersted. One MGOe is 1,000,000 Gauss Oersted. For example, a grade N45 would have a Maximum Energy Product of 45 MGOe. The higher the grade the stronger the magnet.

Magnetic Magnets specialise in the high end of the magnet grades, typically N45 and N50 grades and are specified on each product page. The higher the grade the more expensive the magnets are to produce.

Neo Magnet Strength

Pull strength of a magnet is a very subjective measure and are generally not very accurate as it is dependent upon many external factors such as:
  • The material of the object being attracted
  • The size the object being attracted
  • The configuration of the magnet to the objects
  • Surface condition and finish
  • Direction of load
  • Operating temperature
All that being said, we provide a maximum pull force values for most of our magnets as a general guide only. It is noted that this is a maximum value under ideal conditions and should not be interpreted as a property of the magnet.


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